ID 116977173 © Melanie Hobson |

Long-necked and sprite headed
wild and loose
among the edges of childhood
reflective and golden
under chins and atop wrists
a pentameter of petals
spiral bound and levitating
on the currents of the sky
bracelets and necklaces
from interlocked stems
the luminaria of the meadow
gilded crowns of the field

~ Melissa Carpenter

This poem was inspired by all those summer days outside with family and friends, buttercups scattered in the grass, and the moments that we held them under our chins or on top of our wrists. If the buttercup left a golden glow on our skin we would then declare that we liked butter. We would then take those buttercups and tie the stems together to create buttercup crowns and bracelets which we wore like we were the royalty of childhood.

A bibliophile, writer of poety and prose.

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